Nuriye's Diary

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time Flys!

I tell ya I am making my own schedule and it seems that my days are going faster than ever even when I am in control of them!! Today I am having a very LAZY day. I am allowing myself to take some time to chill since I am always on the go. People always say to me"DON'T YOU EVER SIT" and the truth is I rarely do. So far today I woke up at 11:00am and did some chores around my home and now here I sit, hair in a bun with my favorite pink robe on talking to you! This feels really good but the juices are flowing so this lazy stuff will come to an end as soon as I finish this blog. I am going to get cleaned up and go out in the bright sun and see what trouble I can get myself into. The one thing that I find myself doing is SHOPPING alot! It is really for a great cause though, we are having such a blast on HERBICEPS that I feel I need to entertain all of you with new naughty outfits as much as possible! Again, the support all of you give me on the cam is just awesome and I am sooo thankful for all of you!

Tonight I am going to go to the gym and hit chest and my cadio along with some ab work. You can also catch me on HERBICEPS around 8:00pm eastern if you want to have some fun with me!! It is live and has potiential to get alittle NAUGHTY!! Just the way we like it!!! :)

Until Next Time..... Stay Naughty For ME!!

Nuriye :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ok guys listen, I really need a favor from each and everyone of you!! Life can at times have it's challanges and a VERY DEAR FRIEND of mine is going thru one. I just found out today that my dear friend's husband is quite ill. I know this blogger is usually filled with naughty adventures but this one has a more serious note. Please say a prayer that my dear friend and her husband stay positive and never loose track of how beautiful life is thru this time. They will make it but knowing that lots of people are praying for them will help alot!! POWER IN NUMBERS!! If you all knew her you would know exactly why she has been my friend for 9 years! It kills me to have them deal with any kind of pain! She knows who she is and I love her!! Thank you guys!



Holy shit let me tell you what, I KNEW IT!! I knew that trip to the dentist would do me in. I haven't been in quite awhile so I did need a filling. Not sure what the hell she did to me but I have been in intense pain for almost a week. Now how is a girl supposed to be naughty when it feels like my mouth is going to blow up. I guess where she shot the novacane(not sure how to spell) I had some exposed nerves from brushing too hard. Everytime I would put something in my mouth I could just die from the pain. Anyway, it is getting better but I am scheduled for some cosmetic work to be done in a few weeks and I am down right SCARED!!

Now for some naughty news, an update should be here in like a second. I sent them this weekend so not sure what the delay is but that seems to be the story of my life with this site. Waiting, I hate it but I am sure once my webmaster gets a chance he will get the update up. Here is a preview.... tight pink dress, outside, NO PANITES!! It is worth the wait. :)

Until Next Time...... Stay Naughty For ME!!!!

Nuriye :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dredded Appointment!!

Ok, I am a tough girl but when it comes to the dentist I am like a child!! Tomorrow I HAVE to go to the dentist before I can't chew my food anymore. I have been dealing with pain on the left side of my mouth for oh a YEAR now and YES I have not done anything about it!! I still think I would be holding off but one of my clients work at a dental office and was sweet enough to make me an appointment! So tomorrow at say 11:30 think of me in the dental chair and please feel sorry for me, it will make me feel better!! :)

Other than the whole tooth thing, things are going really well. I am loving webcam and the freedom that comes with it and I could not do it without the support from all of you!! Think of it this way, the more you support me and all that I do the more time I spend in the gym getting better for all of you. In the next several weeks you will see a Nuriye that you have NEVER seen before! I am in the gym twice a day and spend late afternoons and evenings on HERBICEPS. Please stop by and chat, we really have a blast!

Until Next Time....Stay Naughty For ME!!

Nuriye :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Day of SEX

Well let me tell you, I think I am the master of being NAUGHTY!! Saturday I was quite bored I had family here all last week and although it was soooo good to see them and spend time with time I felt my naughty ways were being suppressed!! Now that is never a good thing and I knew only one way to set myself free!! So, as soon as they left on Saturday I jumped in my car and headed to one of my favorite stores in south florida, HUSLTER. WOW, I think I spent about $400.00 on naughty outfits to show off on this site and webcam (HERBICEPS). I think you all will really like what I got, I know a sexy outfit is just what the doctor calls for when I need a pick me up!! :)

I will be on HERBICEPS in the afternoons and evenings so come and see me. Video clips are sent and should be posted anytime now.

Until Next Time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!!!


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Heading West

Well tomorrow I jump in my car and head west to go see one of my best friends, Denise Masino. We are going to spend the day catching up and having fun. I really can't wait and can you get the visual of 2 of the Naughtiest girls in bodybuilding sitting down shooting the shit! Now you know only trouble can come from that!! :) It has been months since I have seen her and so much is going on in our lives it will be so good to see her! Video clip updates are around the corner so get ready they are HOTT!

Now just in case you did not know mark your calanders, I turn 30 on THURSDAY, 3/13. Yes everyone this naughty girl has hit the 30 mark. The funny thing is the older I get the Naughtier I BECOME! Isn't that supposed to work the opposite! LOL Now I would love to hear from you on how you think I should spend this special day. So e-mail me your thoughts!

Until Next Time.... Stay NAUGHTY FOR ME!!