Nuriye's Diary

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Come and see me!!

I am back on FTVIDEO for my web cam show so check the schedule and come play with me!! It has been so long since I have been on web cam and it felt great to chat with you all last week! I tell ya I wear so many "hats" in this crazy life of mine I can't keep up sometimes. But I can never say my life is boring.:)

Training is going very well and I am dieting for a few photo shoots coming up. I am going to be at the NATIONALS this year since they are in my back yard and I hope to see alot of you there. I am so excited to see who brings home their pro card. So many incredible girls will be on stage and I just love it!! :)

Stay Naughty for me!

Nuriye :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gettin Naughty

Hey, I was just thinking about my recent galleries and I just don't think I have been Naughty enough lately!! The good news is I have a couple days off and plan to bring you RAW, HUGE and very NAUGHTY muscle updates!! Personally I think I have been a bit weak in the naughty department and will change that starting NOW!! :) So stock up on your tissues Naughty is back and I am gonna bring it HARD to get you HARD!

On another note, I spent the day pool side working on my tan and catching some ZZZZ's. As a bodybuilder you need to rest sometime to get bigger and better! I will have this site updated with videos and pics in just a couple days so stay tuned! Let's heat it up going into this fall season!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Offer to hit the big screen!

Well, I received an offer from a producer to be cast in a movie to be shot in the big apple. I am still waiting on the details BUT I will let you all know just as soon as I know. You never know what will come your way and if the offers come and sound good I am taking them! lol! Blood and Kisses, the movie that I shot with Denise Masino will be coming out in October I think and that will be a very cool thing. Lots of hard work went into that film so I really hope you support it and enjoy it most of all.

Next week I am going to go and see my parents and just hang with them. They are two very cool people and it will be so good to see them again. They have been in Europe for 3 months so it has been WAY too long since we have seen them. I miss my mommy! :) Yes, even naughty girls need their mom!! lol!

Other than that all is well and training is going well. I will get you all some video updates. My work schedule has been EXTRA crazy lately so PLEASE be patient inregards to my updates they may be off just by a couple days here and there! But never think you are less then TOP priority!!

Stay Naughty for ME

Nuriye :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006


WOW, what a past couple of weeks I have had!! I just got done being just about the sickest I have ever been. Strep throat along with a kidney problem. We are talking like 103 fever for several days! That is one sure way to NOT feel naughty. Anyway I am getting back to my naughty ways and ready to get things rolling again. I just went back to the gym yesterday and it felf so good to get the blood in my muscles again. The update due to come up today is a blast from the past but is pretty cool. I think it is good to mix it up a bit with adding pics from the past so you can see all my looks. My arms are still at 17 and very hard and I think it would take a chisel to break these legs down so don't worry hot new pics are coming this weekend. Also, please e-mail me any photo requests! Ahhhh, it feels so good to be ME again! :)

Stay Naughty for ME!!

Nuriye :)