Nuriye's Diary

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hey all, it is Saturday night and I am sitting on my couch and decided to check in with all of you. Today I had a lazy day due to being sooooo sore after a killer leg workout. I was tring to keep my naughty ass at home today but that really never works so at about 8:30 I made my way to the gym for a bicep and ab workout. I am back home and just finished my chicken and salad and I am TIRED!!

So I hope you are ready for some more updates!! Tomorrow I am off in the morning for a sunrise shoot for this site. I am gonna bring you some sexy pics and video content as well. I am very excited for the Olympia this year, I am such a fan of female muscle and I think all the girls who do this are sooooo sexy. I always look to them for inspiration and just love the look of a strong female with big, sexy muscle, don't you agree....... thought so!! :)

I am in the gym training like a beast and loving every minute of it!! Muscle, sex and a killer attitude that is what I am talking about and you can see it all on HERBICEPS where I perform live and get naughty with YOU. Make sure you stop in and say hi. We always have a blast there and if you ever want to know when I will be on, just email me.