Nuriye's Diary

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Safe Holiday

Please be safe this Memorial Day weekend. Drive safe and most of all BE SAFE, but NAUGHTY at the same time!! :)

You will find yours truly sweating it out while I fight my way into contest shape for the end of July. I really must admit that I am liking this lean thing. Watching my body change is really cool. The only problem is I find I don't have the energy to be my naughty self. BUT when I get home I am going to take Naughty to the MAXXX!!

Well eat a HOT DOG for me!! And until net time....

Stay Naughty for ME!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What am I up to?

Hey, long time no post.... what the f%#k! LOL Honestly, I have been training my ass off NO JOKE my ass is smaller! :) Between work, training and this cardio shit that I can't escape I have like ZERO time. Anyway enough of my sob story. Well wait I do have another, my computer needs a new program installed so my video clips are on hold for an update BUT I will have a new gallery for you this weekend and should have videos very soon as well!!

Today I had to take my car to get brakes and a kit put on it. I already paid for the kit last July and I am just putting it on now! WOW, well better late than never! :) I am the talk of the dealership cause I was talking to my car salesman about my site and the erotic work I do. Today the guy at the dealership said he liked my lips and I wasn't sure which ones he was talking about!! LOL!! HEHE only me !

I am so ready to get to Vegas, see it will be a big achievement on my part to arrive there in contest shape. The women of this sport are just amazing and deserve so much more than they get to compete. I am actually thinking about stepping on stage in 2007. Wouldn't that be cool! I would totally love to work the crowd and you know I would have to put on a very NAUGHTY show. I will keep you all posted there. After Vegas I should be able to tell you all about some really exciting things to come but at this time I need to keep my mouth SHUT! I hope that you all are doing great!! Please feel free to drop me an e-mail to help me stay motivated while I prepare for this July shoot!!

Until Next time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!

Nuriye :)