Nuriye's Diary

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Enjoying the OPEN

Well although I am a bodybuilder I really enjoy all kinds of sports, although I am not sure if bodybuilding is considered a sport some say yes and some no. Anyway, this week I am taking in the US OPEN on TV. These athletes bust there ass off on the court and I enjoy the look of victory when they win their game. Can't wait to see who walks away with the WIN for both the men and the women.

Now back to bodybuilding and what is going on in my life. I am back to serious training and maintaining the look I brought to Vegas for my photoshoots. I just feel so much sexier with a tighter body even if it requires more work year round on my part, it is worth it! Hope you all enjoy this update and video clips are on the way for this week as well. Videos are so fun to make since I enjoy "playing" to the camera! I will be on webcam this afternoon so if you are around stop in and say "hi".

The Olympia is right around the corner, will Coleman take his crown back???? We will all have to see,I know I will make sure I see this one.

Until Next Time.... Stay NAUGHTY for me


Friday, August 24, 2007

Are you ready????

So are you ready for come updates? You all are probably saying "yeah, like 3 week ago"lol. Well we are back on track and getting ready for a weekend of shooting so they are on the way. I will get you some for the start of next week. For those of you who are members that join me on webcam, Thankyou!! I am happy to chat and perform for you in private. For those of you who yet to come, what are you waiting for???? Come and join the fun, that is Naughty fun. If you want to know what you can expect on a private webcam show let me inform you. Does nude, hard muscle erotica sound fun, well that is what you will get. I tease you with my NAUGHTY self live for YOU! If you need to know where to go get a pencil ready... Go to FTULTRACAM and go from there. On the top of that home page you can check the schedule where I always post the times you can see me. It is a great way for us to interact and get to know eachother better.

On another note since my hubby has been sick I have been training with a good friend of mine Lorin. She is an up and coming fitness/BB who has so much drive. Let me tell you she can hang. We trained legs last night and she really tore it up. She is very strong and you may see her on my site soon. Wouldn't that be cool an added attraction! She just loves this sport and is thinking of doing some modeling and competeing. I am sure she will be a success.

Other than that all is going well and I am just running around today catching up on some things before the weekend. Tonight I will meet with Lorin and get some shoulders in. Then on to my weekend of naughty fun and shooting! I get excited just talking about it!

Until Next time... Stay NAUGHTY FOR ME!

Nuriye :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can't WIN!

Well what can I say life threw a curve ball at me. Updates were to come this week but as fate would have it my photographer, aka husband, got extremely sick. What can I say, other than I am sorry and as soon as he is up and able we will get the updates rollin. You can trust me when I say I will make it worth the wait. I have been playing nurse and not the naughty kind either for 6 days now and hoping that he recovers soon.

Thank you in advance for your patience and as always thank you for all the support. Please join me on webcam where we can chat and get really naughty in private LIVE!!

Until Next Time.... Stay Naughty For ME!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spreading my wings

Well, what can I say i am a naughty girl because i have been neglecting all of you!! This will come to an end this week I promise! See I have made several changes in my life although all have been very positive they have consumed alot of my time. I hope to see all of you on FTULTRACAM where I am performing very naughty shows weekly.

This Saturday Angie Salvagno and I are planning a erotic night of live webcam action. Don't miss this, check the ftultracam calander for the times. We are still in the planning phase but should have things rolling soon.

What's that? You want to know where the HELL an update is? LOL!! Ahhh is that what the site is for? hehe!! Yes an update will be here as well this week. Most of all thank you for all of your everlasting support.

Until Next time....STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME


Sunday, August 05, 2007

So many girls so little time

Well I am back from Vegas and getting some rest before my week starts. When I tell you I had a very Naughty week last week that would be an understatement!! I worked with hot babes to name a few.... Denise Masino, Amber Deluca, Melissa Detwiller, Lynn Mccrossin and last but not least Kim Birtch and Angie Salvagno. Each and everyone of these hot ladies were just wondeful to work with. Infact Angie and I will be hitting the webcam scene together to really heat things up.

In Vegas my days were spent shooting all day long and when evening came us girls met up and talked about the day and got several laughs in as well. To say the least we had a blast both on and off the set.

As for me I have alot of really exciting things coming my way. First off I am starting FTWEBCAM and FANTASYCAM full time starting this week. I will be on an average of 4-5 days a week and will be bringing the new NAUGHTY to the screen, HARD AND LEAN!! For those of you who love my size it is still there but the muscle is hard and very lean. I really must say I love my new look and feel even NAUGHTIER with it.

So this blog is dedicated to the hot women the make this erotic bodybuilding scene possible and all the good time shared in Vegas. Please keep your eyes open for the dates that Angie and I will be performing together. Trust me this will be more than HOTT and will freakin SIZZLE!