Nuriye's Diary

Friday, August 25, 2006

Only Human

Boy let me tell you I have had a wierd week!! Well I guess I am human cause I made one HUGE mistake that really effected the ones I love. In doing so I realized how important the people I love are and just how much I love them. We are all human and we do make mistakes BUT the thing that is so awesome is knowing family and people are there to help you revover. I mean I think that my husband is like a real angel. I have never met anyone who accepts me for me and all the drama that goes with it. To him I am always indebt to, he truely is MY MAN.

I am also thinking about making a career change that is always scary but I think it is time I challenged myself and created new experiences for ME! :) I feel this new job might do it and I will let you know what direction I take with it! Other than that I am fine but a bit tired from an extremely stressful week.

Tomorrow I am off to stock up on chicken and cook for the week ahead!! Until then do something other than be Naughty for me! Tell the one you love just how much you care about them and then BE NAUGHTY!! :)


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pain in the ASS!!

Let me tell you the past 3 days have been a pain in my ASS!! Our computer got a virus and we pretty much had to start from scratch!! I lost all programs BUT with the help of my #1 husband things should be up and running very soon. This will cause a slight delay in my updates BUT I will have new pics and videos clips for you by the weekend. I am in need of a major vacation and I will take you along with me!! I need some fun in the sun and time to just be human for like 5 days!! Rest assured you will have the inside peak of all naughty times that take place on my vacation!!

On another note I miss my parents soooo much. They traveled over seas to vacation for a few months and are coming home very soon. I miss talking to my mom, she keeps me in line and always makes me smile. We are so different but very much the same, sounds wierd but is very true.

Tomorrow I am going to sleep pool side and soak up some Florida rays!! This hard body needs it!!

Until Next Time.... Stay Naughty for ME!


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dinner with a Friend

It is Sunday night and another week is upon us. My husband and I just arrived home from a wonderful dinner with Denise Masino. She has become a really close friend and it is always great to catch up with my buddy!! :) She looks amazing and is looking forward to Vegas! I am still waiting for Andy to arrive home from Vegas and update my shoot. I am sure he is anxious to get back and tend to his sites so be patient I have an update lined up for you all don't worry!! :) My Vegas prep is going well and I am as usual juggling several things at once. Sometime I wonder how I get it all done in a day BUT sometimes it involves 18 hour days when all is done! :( It is worth it and I am full of ideas for this site, to create my own Naughty Empire!! Trust me the best is yet to come. I have not heard any feed back about my improvements on my videos. I would love to hear from you so DON'T BE SHY!! Also, my questions that I requested are still needed so ASK away! On that note I am off to bed to get some needed rest to start another week. Until next time......

Stay Naughty for ME!!

Nuriye :)