Nuriye's Diary

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Anyone guilty of over analyzing something which leads you to not doing anything at all??!! lol..  Man I tell ya I am good for that, over thinking about something and in doing so I dont move forward just stay in the same spot thinking... NO GOOD!  Today I decided NO MORE less thinking and more doing and anyone guilty of doing that as well start doing more WITH ME!! :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


South Florida is full of flashy homes and flashy cars does it impress me... Nope.  This beautiful sky is what impresses me.  So magical in a world that has gotten so crazy its like a breath of fresh air to come outside and see this above me.  What really matters... Natures beauty.
Nuriye :)

Monday, August 03, 2015

Grain of Salt

Yeah, I'm looking at you! :)  Tonight was an awesome shoulder and tricep workout!!  Oh this fitness world sometimes makes me scratch my head.  Had one of my friends in the gym tell me he went to his first BB'ing show to watch and it will be his last.  He said he could not take the attitudes and the egos it really made him sick.  He is in great shape himself trains everyday but its just a shame he saw what I see at EVERY show I go to.  Here's the thing I train, diet and yes spend quite a bit of time on myself BUT NEVER EVER do I feel this makes me better than another.  Once you lose yourself to your "shell" you have indeed LOST.   So many in this industry let their exterior define them which leaves them little ego driven nothings and I see so many of them when I go to shows as well.  Although I do build my outside with muscle etc its your soul that defines you.  Shit I am going to get old and if I only focus on this body what the hell will I have when I am 80??  Saggy tits and a heart of stone!! :)  No way not me I want my body nice and muscular but my soul well that is where the really special stuff stays. :)  If more people worked on their inside as much as this silly outside WOW we would live in one hell of an awesome world!  Oh and while we are on the topic of sweet souls.... RAGE video coming tomorrow!!! LOL, LOL

Much love
Nuriye :)