Nuriye's Diary

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Too Funny

So I walked into Starbucks and really shocked some people in there!! LOL Poor guy putting cream in his coffee over flowed it cause he was stuck on me!! Hmmmmm, guess that means I am on the right track! :) Just love making people "over flow" with my muscle. (wink)


Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hey guys, if my update is not up tomorrow dont panic! :) I went HD and that involves some different steps to convert and send etc. I am reaching out to the right people to help me get the answers I need and will make sure the update hits ASAP. I will even skip the gym tomorrow to get you the update!!:) I shot it today and it is great now all I need is the info on how the hell to get it to you! LOL Man, you try to upgrade thinking you are 2 steps ahead but now I feel 5 steps behind.... Wish me LUCK!



So yesterday i did not work webcam like i thought because i was out shopping all afternoon. One of the things i bought will really make you all HAPPY!!! Well, my next update and all updates going forward will be in HD!!! YES, I finally upgraded my video equipment to HD and i am sooo happy about this. Now you will be able to see all my efforts and high def, life is great!!! :)


Friday, April 22, 2011


Home from legs early and we all know what that means..... im dead tired!! Gonna rest and take time to get my legs and feet massaged tonight, I deserve it dont I??!! :) I will get my rest tonight because I want to be fresh and naughty on HERBICEPSCAM tomorrow so if you have the time come in and say Hi, I will be there in the afternoon. Training is going well but I really have to admit I dont believe how I look!! I am HUGE, HARD and VEINY!! This is a look I never had before but always wanted. I measured my 18'' arms for my last update and think I will pull out the tape again for this next update. HMMMMMM what should I measure this time?? wink :)

Much Love
Nuriye :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Like all bodybuilders I know the chriopractor is a staple in our life. Today was my day to go and get adjusted and that is just what i did!! Lifting super heavy weights can and does take a huge toll on the spine and neck. My neck was very out of place but now it is right where it should be and I feel much better. I have been going to the same chiro for years but when he saw me today he was in shock at my muscle growth, I just LOVE that!!! XOXO Nuriye

Friday, April 15, 2011


Its Friday friends and for alot of people that means happy hour!! The same applies to me but the difference is my happy hour or hours will be spent in the gym hammering my legs!! I am hungry for that pro card and that means taking it to levels even I have not gone before!!! :) XOXO Nuriye

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My Monday started in the gym on my lover which is the STAIRMILL. Yes I am having a lustfull affair with my stairmill. I was lost without doing my cardio in the morning after my show so I am back at it and just love it. There is nothing like starting my day working up a deep sweat and focusing on what I need to get done each day. This will also keep my condition ideal for off season. After cardio it was training clients and off to the dentist. My dentist told me I have a jaw of a pitbull :P good thing I dont bite unless I need to!! :) Today is Tuesday and I am home from my cardio and had my first meal. I will be on webcam this afternoon so come and say hi at HERBICEPS. Have a great day!! XOXO Nuriye

Sunday, April 10, 2011

After Dark

After Dark is the name of this next update. When night falls and the lights go dim I get NAUGHTY! :) I love to pose and tease my lover by flexing my muscle and bending over to tease and tease some more. I decided to put one of my teasing nights on cam and let you get the view my lover gets to see. Enjoy and I hope it gets the blood flowing to all your naughty places!! XOXO Nuriye

Saturday, April 09, 2011


WOW tired today after a killer leg training last night. I uped all my sets to about 6-7 for each exercise to add size and density to all my body parts and that includes good ole legs! :) 7 sets of squats really takes alot of mind control cause after the 3rd set I was saying "FUCK THIS". I ended my squats with 405 for 10 reps and yes I was ready to throw up. I slept like a baby, a big baby :) and woke early to get my clients trained. Lots of you on cam cant believe how lean I am for 200 but you have to remember I have TONS of muscle so that is why I stay lean etc at this weight which is really a great thing! :) The sun is HOT today in FL but I'm gonna stay in and get some work done and if my legs allow, go on HERBICEPSCAM tonight. HAPPY WEEKEND!! XOXO Nuriye

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

200, in my sleep

So alot of people ask me my weight and if it is hard for me to hit the 200s. Guys I could grow to 240-50 with no freakin problem at ALL!! I am really not sure where the hell I came from but growing happens so easy I almost have to watch it so it does not get out of control. I am 204 right now and still have my big veiny arms and tons of them on my legs. It feels weird cause it is some water ( i see it in abs,face and low back) from the rebound of water after you compete. None the less I am big and damn hard. Gonna try to stay around 205-210 cause to stay in the 190's off season for my body just wont work. I would have to really diet hard and that would hinder my growth before I prep for nationals. And we all know I am going in for a win there! :) XOXO nuriye

Sunday, April 03, 2011


So like everybody and their sister is telling me I need to shop and Costco since I eat so much meat etc. I took time yesterday to go check it out, HOLY SHIT no way man!! I would rather pay 10 dollars more for each thing I buy then fight the crowds etc at that place. It was freakin crazy between the crowds and the whole bulk thing, its just not my thing. I will stick to my high priced foods, it is so worth it for me if it means not shopping with swarms of people. On another note I did go to breakfast yesterday and after I ate I had to pee. When I came out of the bathroom I had people waiting for me to take my pic so there I was hitting poses for about 6 different people while others ate and watched. I must say I can be shy when I am not in front of the cam so it did take me quite off gaurd. I am happy people get fired up over my muscle as much as I do!! :) XOXO Nuriye