Nuriye's Diary

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Late Night

Ok, so this bodybuilding/contest prep shit is hard lol..  and I have found I have 2 sides of me lol I will explain.  See during the day I have "day Nuriye" the Nuriye you see driven, diet on point, cardio done, training done but then I have the "night Nuriye" and let me give you a visual of her..  about 4 feet tall and as wide as she is tall with like chocolate all over her mouth LOL!!  See when "day Nuriye" goes to bed around 3am "night Nuriye" arrives lol..  She wakes me to remind me my tummy is hungry and sometimes I LISTEN!! So the other night (controlled by night nuriye) I woke and went down to the kitchen.  Opening cabinets to see what naughty food I could find lol when all of a sudden THERE IT WAS.... PEANUT BUTTER!  "night Nuriye" began to explain that PB isnt so bad and NO ONE will know just our little secret.  So totally convinced by "night Nuriye" I went to get a spoon when BAM!!!!  See in my bad food search I had left a cabinet door open and yes I slammed head first into it.  Bad part... it scared the shit out of me and kinda hurt but the Good part.... that sent "night Nuriye" RUNNING!!! lol..  "day Nuriye" was back and I took my ass up to bed!!  Now I have not had a visit by "night Nuriye " since so if you have your own version of "night Nuriye" I suggest a blow to the head LOL they dont seem to like that!! :)

Nuriye :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

You All

Wow the beautiful feedback and comments I have gotten about the post regarding my parents is just heart warming to say the least.  One person expressed thanks for me sharing this info with you but guess what it was so easy!  Over the years although I havent met so many of you I have found 1 thing about you all and that is YOU ARE JUST GOOD PEOPLE!!  So thank you for making it easy for me to share such a difficult time in my life.  I dont want you guys to hear just the "cool" stuff I want you to know me for me and all the fantasies we explore. :)  Please enjoy your weekend and thank you all for being..... YOU!

Much love,
Nuriye :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So I was out doing my cardio hot sun, great music and working up a HOT sweat when all of a sudden I sensed a car by my side.  You know like in the movies when the woman feels a car slowly driving next to her before she gets obducted LOL..  Oh man let me tell you I was ready!!!  I was like ok I am going to have to FIGHT today LOL..  Then I look and its a VAN!!!  I was like "oh shit its a van I am going to have to really fuck up whoever jumps out" :P  Then this van speeds up infront of me and pulls over and stops. Now I am like a fucking monster I mean now I am ready to fight!!!  I am walking fast towards the van I mean I am ready!!  When the window goes down and out pops this womans head.  She is screaming "damn girl you are like a superhero" and I say "man I thought you were trying to obduct me" she started laughing and said "no I just never saw anything like you before and are you kidding who the hell would mess with you!!!"  Sighs of relief lol and off I went to finish my cardio..  LOL

Nuriye :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Every now and then

My webcam rooms are 99.9% of the time filled with my cam sweeties that I just adore and we share conversations and good times.  But every now and then I get a "bad seed" who tries to "stir" me up.  When someone like that comes in my room I just want to PULL HIM THRU THE CAM AND........!!  Stay tuned what I do to him is coming Tuesdays update!! :)


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Something to share

I want to take a moment to share with all of you something very personal and somewhat hard for me to talk about.   What I will share with you has helped mold me into the bodybuilder and woman I am today.  If my story can help you in anyway then it was well worth it for me.  In 2011 I had my parents over for Thanksgiving and I was just so excited to see them and cook for them.  What happened was something I did not see coming.  It was that very day my parents disowned me for being me, a Female Bodybuilder and I have not seen or spoke to them since.  I cant explain how I felt.. Empty, sad, ashamed I almost felt like a little kid that had lost their parents in the mall wondering where and why they left me..  It took me a couple years to even celebrate my Birthday because I was overcome with sadness and felt why even celebrate the day I was born..  Through this very sad time for me a few things happened...  I knew I would never give up what I do because it was me and what I love and what I stood for.  One day it was just so weird I literally "woke up" and saw the woman I had become through all this sadness I was feeling.  I became a woman who did not judge, who loved unconditional and had an even greater belief in myself.  See we cant pick our family and if you told me my parents would rather never see me again then to see me with muscle I would have said "your crazy"..  But this is now my reality and although I would have never wished this on myself its amazing how something so awful can mold you into an even better person on the inside than I thought I could ever be and for that I thank my parents for because if they did not turn their backs on me I may not be the woman I am today, someone who believes in myself, and can look in the mirror with pride.  I am trying to not make this sound like a bunch of babble but I guess my point is.... In times of deep sadness, times of feeling so alone can emerge an even better version of yourself.  Love life, Love unconditional, Love yourself...

Nuriye :)

Friday, March 06, 2015

march 13th

Next friday the 13th a baby naughty was born LOL...  Yes, my birthday and yes I am getting old! :)  I cant believe I will be 37 years old and I had my first shoot in this industry when I was 22 WOW time does fly.  I feel great and of course have no plans to stop but over the years I am hoping alot of you go from having a love for female muscle to a love for grannies LOL!  I can see it now, my tits hanging to my knees doing a most muscular at 80 LOL!  I do see the changes in me as I do get older like saying things I used to hear my parents say and thinking they were total dorks like...

"I tell ya, the kids today..."
"when I was growing up we didnt have things like the internet"
" go out at 11pm??!!  I will be asleep at that hour"
"put your seatbelt on"
"I would have never talked to my mom like that"

LOL, yup I am offically at the age where I am a total dork to some but at least all of you show me nothing but love! :)  Have a great weekend!!

Nuriye :)