Friday, March 06, 2015

march 13th

Next friday the 13th a baby naughty was born LOL...  Yes, my birthday and yes I am getting old! :)  I cant believe I will be 37 years old and I had my first shoot in this industry when I was 22 WOW time does fly.  I feel great and of course have no plans to stop but over the years I am hoping alot of you go from having a love for female muscle to a love for grannies LOL!  I can see it now, my tits hanging to my knees doing a most muscular at 80 LOL!  I do see the changes in me as I do get older like saying things I used to hear my parents say and thinking they were total dorks like...

"I tell ya, the kids today..."
"when I was growing up we didnt have things like the internet"
" go out at 11pm??!!  I will be asleep at that hour"
"put your seatbelt on"
"I would have never talked to my mom like that"

LOL, yup I am offically at the age where I am a total dork to some but at least all of you show me nothing but love! :)  Have a great weekend!!

Nuriye :)


Blogger Alan said...

Another "you know you're getting to middle age when you say this" phrase...

"THIS is music. I don't know WHAT the heck that is you're listening to..."

5:37 AM  

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