Friday, February 13, 2015


The gym can be a very intimidating place for both men and women and then when you have a women like me enter it, it can really amp up the intimidation factor.  This is what I wish more people who may "fear" the gym knew about a women like me.

- I am the man/women on the tredmill fighting obesity
- I am the women trying to get that baby weight off
- I am the man/women who emotionally eats
- I am the man/women who had a health scare and trying to get their health and fitness improved

You may say to yourself HOW THE HELL ARE YOU LIKE THEM!  Its quite simple..  Although our goals may be different, we both have them.  Although our struggles may be different, we both have them.  No matter what fitness level or how extreme you look you better believe you will have goals and struggles along the way.  So although I may look much different then most... we are the same!  The day I walk into a gym and feel my workout is more important than anothers or I am better than another is the day I have totally lost myself.  That day will NEVER come its not who I am or who I would ever want to become.  HUMBLE, more people need to practice being it.. :)



Blogger Martin Kohl said...

Respect for such a self reflection! RESPECT!

2:43 AM  

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