Sunday, January 18, 2015


Its Sunday and I am one lazy girl today.  Recovering from a super awesome leg workout and I just cant seem to get moving.  Its a beautiful day here in FL so I am going to suck it up and get outside for some cardio!  Yes, I do cardio all year round even when I am making gains!  Can it be done?? FUCK YES it can.  In order to know how and what you are gaining you MUST be able to SEE.  If you are coated with alot of fat sure the scale will say "oh girl you are big" lol but once that fat is gone you may say "where did my "gains" go.  Bottom line is you cant FLEX FAT and as  bodybuilder I take it very serious to keep my condition good even when not heading for a stage.  I want a true vision of what I am gaining and where and if you are too fat you wont see shit.  When I get on a scale I want it to say "damn bitch big, lean and killing it"!! :)  So do your cardio, fuel your machine and train like a fucking freak.  It works...... Trust me :)

Nuriye :)


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