Monday, January 19, 2015


Unlike what the "internet" says lol I have so many women come up to me and say the wish they can look like me..  Although a simple thank you would do it just doesnt feel right saying that.  What I do say is "fuck me, be the best you can be embrace the journey and challenge yourself everyday and never compare yourself to another".  They look at me a bit shocked but I see it, the look in their eyes that just lit up with a bit of inspriration and that is all that matters! :)  NEVER, EVER inspire to look like another!  We are all unique and the fact is you will never look like someone else because you are not them.  This is the perfect opportunity to create the "you" that you always wanted just take it one day at a time and I cant say this enough ENJOY THE JOURNEY, the good and the bad!

Much love,
Nuriye :)


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