Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We all dont have to share the same journey or want the same things but what we can learn from people who may be very different from us and they may acutally help us achieve our personal goals.  For example some may be taken back from a FBB maybe they feel "how can that be normal or thats just all drug use".  The reality is FBBs are quite normal people who share the same fears and uncertains as a "normal" person.  What you can learn from a FBB is in just one word DRIVE.  Now you may not want to use that drive to shape your body into something that many cant but you may use that drive you get from knowing a FBB and use it towards reaching a personal goal you do have.  My point is I feel people have to open their minds, let others in and not judge a book by its cover.  In my perfect world this would be the truth and wow what we could learn from eachother.  I have  friends who have never touched a weight but believe me they have taught me things that I was able to apply towards my goals.  So dont be afraid to reach out and surround yourself with people who may be very different than you but may help you be the best you, you can be! :)

Nuriye :)


Blogger Alan said...

Speaking the truth. I don't care what kinds of PEDs you use, to get the mindblowing physique of a bodybuilder capable of winning even at a regional level, you've got to have so much strength of mind, will and discipline. That's what I admire about all bodybuilders. If I had those qualities to that level in all parts of my life, my life would be much better and I'm sure I'm not the only person who could say that.

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Blogger real flo said...

This is true. Even if at first all I was doing was masturbating to female bodybuilders without caring about who they were, I learned a lot when I end up on interviews by accident. It ended up being a learning experience more than a sexual experience. I learned the difference between the muscles I love and the person behind it. It made me stop judging people completely as well.

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