Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One day at a time

So we set a goal lets say lose 20 lbs and we all know the feeling when we set a goal, EXCITED AND MOTIVATED we can see the finished product already.  This is great but can also sway our progress, I will explain.  So you wake up the next morning and nothing can stop you, food ready, did cardio you are on your way!!  Flash forward 2 weeks and you wake up saying "fuck this, nothing is happening I am not seeing results."  This is where seeing that 20lb less you can start to fuck with you.  YOU WANT IT NOW!!  You have been working so hard and because all you want to see is the 20lb less you, you are feeling like a failure.  This is some advice I have for you that has helped me over the years.  Dont look at the finish line it will get you too frustrated!  Set daily goals, thats right daily goals and conquer them!!  Go to bed empowered using one day at a time to get you to the finish line!! :)  Nothing comes easy but tackling one day is alot easier than trying to tackle a month at a time.  So plan each day, wake up with a purpose for that day and make it count.  Before you know it....  YOU DID IT! :)  Cherish, embrace and own each day it will keep you motivated and ready to meet any goal.



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