Friday, March 20, 2015

You All

Wow the beautiful feedback and comments I have gotten about the post regarding my parents is just heart warming to say the least.  One person expressed thanks for me sharing this info with you but guess what it was so easy!  Over the years although I havent met so many of you I have found 1 thing about you all and that is YOU ARE JUST GOOD PEOPLE!!  So thank you for making it easy for me to share such a difficult time in my life.  I dont want you guys to hear just the "cool" stuff I want you to know me for me and all the fantasies we explore. :)  Please enjoy your weekend and thank you all for being..... YOU!

Much love,
Nuriye :)


Blogger Steve Jalbert said...

and thank you, for being you. Stay beautiful!

10:17 PM  

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