Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Something to share

I want to take a moment to share with all of you something very personal and somewhat hard for me to talk about.   What I will share with you has helped mold me into the bodybuilder and woman I am today.  If my story can help you in anyway then it was well worth it for me.  In 2011 I had my parents over for Thanksgiving and I was just so excited to see them and cook for them.  What happened was something I did not see coming.  It was that very day my parents disowned me for being me, a Female Bodybuilder and I have not seen or spoke to them since.  I cant explain how I felt.. Empty, sad, ashamed I almost felt like a little kid that had lost their parents in the mall wondering where and why they left me..  It took me a couple years to even celebrate my Birthday because I was overcome with sadness and felt why even celebrate the day I was born..  Through this very sad time for me a few things happened...  I knew I would never give up what I do because it was me and what I love and what I stood for.  One day it was just so weird I literally "woke up" and saw the woman I had become through all this sadness I was feeling.  I became a woman who did not judge, who loved unconditional and had an even greater belief in myself.  See we cant pick our family and if you told me my parents would rather never see me again then to see me with muscle I would have said "your crazy"..  But this is now my reality and although I would have never wished this on myself its amazing how something so awful can mold you into an even better person on the inside than I thought I could ever be and for that I thank my parents for because if they did not turn their backs on me I may not be the woman I am today, someone who believes in myself, and can look in the mirror with pride.  I am trying to not make this sound like a bunch of babble but I guess my point is.... In times of deep sadness, times of feeling so alone can emerge an even better version of yourself.  Love life, Love unconditional, Love yourself...

Nuriye :)


Blogger Steve Jalbert said...

Well said, Nuriye. Stay strong, beautiful!


9:52 PM  
Blogger real flo said...

It is very sad to read that they disowned you for such superficial reasons. Parents should love their children even if they don't agree with the lifestyle. You are doing nothing wrong to anyone including them. I wish I could give you a hug. Stay strong and thank you for what you do for us.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Alan said...

As a parent who is trying to raise is trying to insert some backbone in my sweet, considerate, create (but sometimes too pliant) daughter...and a parent who enjoys when she's away for two days, gets antsy after three and starts missing her terribly at 5 days, I can't imagine disowning your child over something that doesn't say one negative thing about you as a person. That's like disowning a kid over a hairstyle or a tat. I'm so sorry you had to feel such pain. I'm so happy you've figured out how to turn it into a positive.

5:48 AM  

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