Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So I was out doing my cardio hot sun, great music and working up a HOT sweat when all of a sudden I sensed a car by my side.  You know like in the movies when the woman feels a car slowly driving next to her before she gets obducted LOL..  Oh man let me tell you I was ready!!!  I was like ok I am going to have to FIGHT today LOL..  Then I look and its a VAN!!!  I was like "oh shit its a van I am going to have to really fuck up whoever jumps out" :P  Then this van speeds up infront of me and pulls over and stops. Now I am like a fucking monster I mean now I am ready to fight!!!  I am walking fast towards the van I mean I am ready!!  When the window goes down and out pops this womans head.  She is screaming "damn girl you are like a superhero" and I say "man I thought you were trying to obduct me" she started laughing and said "no I just never saw anything like you before and are you kidding who the hell would mess with you!!!"  Sighs of relief lol and off I went to finish my cardio..  LOL

Nuriye :)


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Blogger real flo said...

Lmao she is right

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