Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Late Night

Ok, so this bodybuilding/contest prep shit is hard lol..  and I have found I have 2 sides of me lol I will explain.  See during the day I have "day Nuriye" the Nuriye you see driven, diet on point, cardio done, training done but then I have the "night Nuriye" and let me give you a visual of her..  about 4 feet tall and as wide as she is tall with like chocolate all over her mouth LOL!!  See when "day Nuriye" goes to bed around 3am "night Nuriye" arrives lol..  She wakes me to remind me my tummy is hungry and sometimes I LISTEN!! So the other night (controlled by night nuriye) I woke and went down to the kitchen.  Opening cabinets to see what naughty food I could find lol when all of a sudden THERE IT WAS.... PEANUT BUTTER!  "night Nuriye" began to explain that PB isnt so bad and NO ONE will know just our little secret.  So totally convinced by "night Nuriye" I went to get a spoon when BAM!!!!  See in my bad food search I had left a cabinet door open and yes I slammed head first into it.  Bad part... it scared the shit out of me and kinda hurt but the Good part.... that sent "night Nuriye" RUNNING!!! lol..  "day Nuriye" was back and I took my ass up to bed!!  Now I have not had a visit by "night Nuriye " since so if you have your own version of "night Nuriye" I suggest a blow to the head LOL they dont seem to like that!! :)

Nuriye :)


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