Nuriye's Diary

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So much has been going on with me that I hit the ground every morning RUNNING! As I have said before, I am preping for a photo/video shoot so my body and training is taking top priority at the moment. At this point I am getting very lean and my body is changing every day. The only down side to this is I am freakin tired and still life will not slow down so this naughty girl can take a NAP!! LOL!!! I did get a chance to shoot with a site called HARD FITNESS this weekend so any of you that want to check out the site, please do I will not be featured there for a few weeks. The photographer was great but to be honest it made me love the fact that I get to work with the Muscle Elegance crew. They are just at the top of their game and whenever I shoot with anyone else it really reminds me how awesome Denise and her staff are!!

Now onto the sore subject.... UPDATES. Yes I have dropped the ball on that BIG TIME!! So here it goes, I have TONS and TONS of videos clips just for YOU!! We will be sending these to my webmaster today so as soon as he gets them up you will have an update to view. Just be prepared, I am NOT a BLONDE any longer!! I will let you see for yourself but everyone loves the change!


Nuriye :)