Nuriye's Diary

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Up all NIGHT!!

Last night this naughty girl got NOOO sleep! See after a hard workout I settled in to watch the Fitness and MS. Olympia finals. Holy shit they ran until like 3am and then I was so tired I couldn't sleep!! So there I was bright eyed until 5am. So today I am taking it easy and went for my pedicure and manicure and next I am gonna get my cardio in tonight when the sun starts to go down.

I have also expanded my webcam audience to HERBICEPS. So please if you are around check me out there, it is always a good time. Well I am off for cardio, my fingers are crossed for Coleman tonight for the MR Olympia we will just have to wait and see!!

Until Next Time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too Hott

For those who don't know I live in sunny florida and let me tell you this September seems hotter than mid July. Today it seems I spent the day sweating. From the time I got up the sweat started. First thing my hour of cardio outside, WOW I thought I was going to die out there. Then I took a well deserved COLD shower just to start a photo shoot guess where, you got it, OUTSIDE! Spent the afternnon shooting and sweating but at least I was being naughty so I did enjoy that sweat! :) Now here I sit whith my candles burning in my favorite pink robe chatting with all of you.

Well updates are on the way for this week along with video clips. It is soooo funny of how people react to muscle and then add the fact that I am infront of a camera,it causes chaos! Today we hiked and shot in the wildlife preserve so I was in a cute outfit but nothing too naughty.:) I swear people were like smashing into each other to see what we were doing. I just think it is so funny,I am gonna start carring business cards to promote "Me" while I am out!!

Until Next Time... Stay NAUGHTY FOR ME!!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

New front page

Well I am in the process of picking out new pictures for my front page of my website. The pictures that are up now are from like 4 years ago so I think it is time for a change!! Yesterday I felt sooooo tired I was in bed by like 8:30 and slept right thru the night! I tell ya this bodybuilding thing is tiring! :) Tonight we went gym and I did my cardio and abs, I am starting to train my abs almost everyday to make even further improvements on my waistline. There is always things to improve on. Tomorrow is another day and I will, ready for this, clean the house!! Exciting right but I will make time to be naughty in the afternoon for my webcam show so stop by if you get a chance! For the weekend my plans are to train legs and get some shooting in for updates to come! Thankyou all for your support!!

Until Next Time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!