Nuriye's Diary

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dealing with the TROPICS.

Well I do have to say as much as I love south florida dealing with these freakin storms is not FUN. Over the past week we have been dealing with Tropical Storm Fay and it is a real pain in the ass!! Lucky for us there was no real damage just the typical shit the comes when a storm hits. Updates have been sent and should be updated on this site in just a few days. I hope all of you are doing well. I am now on 2 cam sites for your viewing delite!! Fitvixenz and Herbiceps. We have a blast so come on in and see me I get pretty naughty on both so it is worth your time, TRUST ME!!! :) Thank you for all the support and enjoy the updates soon to hit!

Until Next Time...... Stay Naughty for ME!!!!

Nuriye :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ready to Roll!!

Ok, Naughty Nuriye is back!! So we all know that I have had a crapy couple of weeks but my head is high and I am ready to get naughty again. Last night I went to a Miami Dolphin game and really had a blast. The seats were great and we had perfect weather. I am getting to work on video clip updates as we speak and will be on Webcam, HERBICEPS all this week! Will update more later.

Until Next Time.... Stay Naughty for ME!!


Sunday, August 03, 2008


Last week at this time I had not felt a true since of loss in my life until Friday evening. I received a call that my beautiful and very close friend had taken her life. I can't really express all the emotion that went thru my body but it was a shock and one of the most tragic things I have had to deal with. I don't totally understand why she did what she did but I guess the pain she was feeling within may have been greater than what I am feeling now for her to do what she did. Now all I am left with is her memory, the sound of her laugh and the beauty of her face that will have a place in my soul forever. Please never forget how beautiful this life is and cherish each and every day you have. I know that is what I intend to do from this day froward.

With Love,