Nuriye's Diary

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I have no freakin idea where my web master is. This is why my site has not been updated. I really hate this shit and I am really pissed that my fans aren't getting the content that you deserve. I am working on contacting him but I am not getting a response. Please hang in there I WILL correct this it is just out of my hands at the moment. All I can say is I will make it up to you and make the next few updates really worth waiting for!

A very mad NAUGHTY! :(

Monday, November 20, 2006

I can hear you now!!

I can just hear you all saying "WHEN THE F#*@% IS NURIYE GONNA UPDATE HER STINKIN SITE"!!! Trust me I know these things!! :) Here is the good news, an update will be up in just a couple days. See when there is time away from updates it means I am either juggling 1000 other things well actually that is the only excuse! I just do too many things. :(

Well moving on, things have been crazy and time just runs away from me too often! Training is going well although it has taken a back seat at times but this muscle ain't going anywhere. Are you all ready for the hoilday!! My mouth waters when I think about that Turkey dinner. Spending time with my parents is also a blast and I can't wait to get there. My husband is a bit sick at the moment but I hope he is better for turkey day.

I just spoke with my dear friend Patty and she is feeling like shit! That is something I never like to hear but she will go for some tests and we will make sure she is good as new before long!! See I don't have a ton of friends BUT the ones I have are very special to me and my Patsi is at the top of my list!! She and her wonderful husband will be in Florida next month so I will see her soon!

Until Next Time...... Stay Naughty for me!!


Sunday, November 05, 2006


No rest for me this weekend. We spent the weekend with my mom and dad and what a treat that was. I made sure they were pampered in a 5 star hotel with a view anyone would die for!! My parents are so worth it so when I get a chance to spoil them I do!!:) But the weekend doesn't stop there that would be too easy!! As we speak I am getting ready for a photo shoot and I need to leave in a couple minutes. It is for a website but to be honest I forget which one but will let you know next post. My husband will be shooting for this site as well so we will get double shooting going on. Got to go but will talk to you all soon!

Naughty :)