Nuriye's Diary

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just being Candid

Being candid is what my next update is all about. I was thinking that you always see me done up and very "staged". I decided to change that up for this update. See we just got a new townhome that we just love. So I take you inside it the day my hubby and I went in to measure and get color ideas for the paint. I tell ya we are going to do an overhaul on this townhome. We are changing all the paint, the tile in the kitchen, fixtures you name it, it is changing. We are soo busy shopping for ideas and furniture for it. So for the next few weeks I will pull up my naughty sleeves and make this house our home. One thing you guys might not know about me is I am a true HOME BODY!! I love my home and cherish everything it in. I am also a candle junkie. Well I think we are off to Home Depot but are they open this late on a Sunday?? Oh well I will just find out when I get there. I will keep you posted on the progression of my new home!!

Until Next Time..... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!

Nuriye :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


You know I guess you just can't avoid some stressful days or weeks. We found the home we want to live in but now it's dealing with the realtor and the condo association. But it looks like we will get it and I am gonna decorate it sooo pretty for Christmas. Listen, we are all having a BLAST on herbiceps so please stop in and see me. I will be on next this Thursday at about 7:00PM. I tell ya we really have fun and get some great chats going.

I have some sad news for you and need you all to say a prayer for me. My dad is going into heart surgery tomorrow morning and having all your support will help me sooo much. Ahhh life, you have to roll with it! Sometimes it is so stressful sometimes it is sad but I am always thankful for each and everyday!! I am also thankful for all of YOU!!

Until Next time.... STAY NAUGHTY FOR ME!!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

On the lookout!

Well we are at a time in our lives where we are ready for a change. I am currently looking for a new pad to call home!! We are very picky but the main thing we are looking for is more room. Between my real life and my naughty life I have enough clothes and shoes for all of South Florida. I need a large area we can convert into another closet and NOT a his and hers, I need all the room cause when it comes to my clothes I am very greedy!! :)

Today started early with a morning cardio session then off to get my hair done. I tell ya keeping up with this blonde is a pain in the ASS. Every 4 weeks I am in the salon getting my touch ups. It is a blast I must say due to the fact the my hairdresser is so CRAZY and he is great to chat with. After my hair it was off to the gym for chest and biceps and lastly off to a bodybuilders second home..... the grocery store!! Everyone knows us there. They know what we eat and when we eat it! Some days we are there twice a day!

So here I sit with my freshly bleached hair feelin a bit naughty. Actually I am feelin VERY NAUGHTY so I leave you with the gaurantee that it is gonna get wild in here tonight!! :)

Until Next time.... Stay Naughty for me!!!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

What have I been up to

Well over the past few weeks I have made ANOTHER decision, it seems this month or so I have been making big decisions. I have accepted a promotion at work which leaves me alot more to do in an 8 hour work day but I really work best under pressure. A couple weeks ago I made a decision to go part time at my job to do webcam more often. To be very honest I was bored out of my mind being home all day so I accepted this position and will still have time for webcam a couple days a week. I just find I need alot of things to fill my day and I HATE being bored. I would much rather feel overworked than not, can anyone say "WORK AHOLIC"!! :)

I see some new people joining and I want to say "thankyou" to all that join my site, means so much. Updates are on the way, do to my new job I am getting used to juggling all that I do. I will have updates this week along with videos.