Nuriye's Diary

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I have a few things to touch on tonight totally random but really what else is new lol...

Topic #1
I have these neighbors, nice people but they are SO hung up on material things in drvies me NUTS.  So they have a Mercedes and BMW which is great but its the way they talk about them.  Every time I talk with them its "oh the Mercedes or oh the BMW" I think to myself really??  To top it off they have this like 3 year old little boy who has this Ferrari that you can sit in and drive! LOL  I mean its so cute because you see this little kid zooming up the street in it lol but I hope the focus is having fun and not what kind of "car" it is.  Shit like this drives me nuts because it is wonderful to have nice things I totally agree but when the focus is on those nice things it kinda makes me think they dont see a bigger picture.

Topic #2
So today I was innocently playing on webcam lol when I decided to measure my arms for one of my cam sweeties.  18 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT the HELL is going on lol.. I am dieting, 8 weeks out and my arms have grown 1 inch.  Now I dont know how or why this happened LOL but all I can say is it did!  I am happy and little freaked lol I really dont know what my mother ate but my parents gave me some crazy genetics.  I really have done nothing except get sick and BOOM bigger arms LOL..  The funny part is I was expecting 17 so I was just as shocked as him when we measured lol..

Have a wonderful week and if you can stop by and see me on HERBICEPSCAM!  Me and my 18 inch arms will be there! :)

Nuriye :)

Friday, September 27, 2013


I just looked at the Olympia prejudging pics and guys all I have to say is "WOW".  These women ALL look so fucking good!  I am so happy for each of them!!  This is one of the best lineups of female muscle I have seen in a long time!  Each of them looks to have brought their best and that must feel AMAZING!  You know they all look so good I am not even going to try to place them, really in my mind they all should win.  Check them out, best lineup you guys will really like what you see!  CONGRATS to each and every one of them!  SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 26, 2013


This week I have been hit with one hell of a cold!  So having said that I will just post 1 update this week because getting sexy and a runny nose just dont mix well! lol..  Next week I will be back on schedule, for now I am fighting this very nasty cold and my focus is on getting better!  I am off to the gym, yes i said gym, because I dont have time to let this cold get the total best of me!!  8 weeks out BABY!!

Nuriye :)

PS- Next weeks updates are super special because they are members requests and I am sure all of you will enjoy.  You know we all think the same kind of NAUGHTY!! :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Next weekend is the Ms. Olympia and I get goose bumps just thinking about it!  I love female bodybuilding so much and to see the top women in the world on one stage is sooooo inspiring.  To be on the O stage means you are the best in the world and these women prove it when the step on the stage with the package they bring.  I will be on that stage one day but for now I totally enjoy watching them and getting inspiration from them as well.  I want to give a shout out to my friend Tammy Jones.  Tammy not only won her first pro show this year but she is also on her way to rock the O stage.  Tammy is a SUPER hard worker and a wonderful woman.  She will do so well and she should be so proud at how far she came as a pro in such a short time!!!  I also saw a pic of Anne Freitas and HOLY SHIT she looks so good!  These women are at the top of their game and I cant wait to cheer them on from my living room! :)

Nuriye :)

Monday, September 16, 2013


I have had a not so good couple days lol...  I am laughing because all I can do is STAY CALM.  I woke up Sunday morning to a flooded kitchen because.....  wait for it.... MY FRIDGE BROKE!!!  Yes, contest prep and no fridge is NOT a good combo.  But when life hands you lemons.... you know what I mean.  So a new fridge is being delivered tomorrow which was the earliest I could get one here.  Bottom line I am making several trips to the store and cooking one meal at a time.  PAIN IN THE ASS is a good way to sum it up but tomorrow will be a better day! :)  Other than that prep is on track and training is great! 

Nuriye :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hammer Dropped

Hey friends!  Well, the hammer dropped at the 10 week out mark and its ON! Crazy diet, long hours in gym and sleep is well.... HARD.  I hate sounding like an ass but the thing that really keeps you going is looking in that mirror and seeing those yummy changes by the day.  Waking up harder and muscle full of veins makes me say "oh yes this I like". :)  Is it hard FUCK YES but over time you get used to it and what you see in that mirror and how it will show up on stage makes it so worth it.  Now I am starting my list of what I want to eat post show lol but until then it will just be a Your mind set becomes your strength and the power it can provide you fuels you more than any food can.  Yesterday I tossed around some real weight for back after... I DIED. :)

180 pull downs for 15 reps
315 single arm rows for 15 on hammer machine
180 rows for 15 reps
followed but several detail movements and lots on angles to bring out detail!  Not to shabby for being on the amount of carbs in a day that many get more of in their first meal.. :)  All the above movements were done my final set and I did 6 sets of each movement for the "power" movements. 

Nuriye :)

Sunday, September 01, 2013


So my injuries are doing much better BUT while doing my posing routine today I did a move that took me to the floor for sexy series of poses BUT didnt really work out that way LOL when my knee gave out and brought me to the floor not quite the sexy way I wanted!! LOL  Thankful it was in my home and not on stage!! LOL..  Anyway I will have to tweek that part of the routine cant have my injuries be seen infront of hundreds on stage.  If I go down I may not get up lol maybe I will do my whole rountine on the floor!! LOL  Gotta Love it. :)

Nuriye :)