Sunday, September 29, 2013


I have a few things to touch on tonight totally random but really what else is new lol...

Topic #1
I have these neighbors, nice people but they are SO hung up on material things in drvies me NUTS.  So they have a Mercedes and BMW which is great but its the way they talk about them.  Every time I talk with them its "oh the Mercedes or oh the BMW" I think to myself really??  To top it off they have this like 3 year old little boy who has this Ferrari that you can sit in and drive! LOL  I mean its so cute because you see this little kid zooming up the street in it lol but I hope the focus is having fun and not what kind of "car" it is.  Shit like this drives me nuts because it is wonderful to have nice things I totally agree but when the focus is on those nice things it kinda makes me think they dont see a bigger picture.

Topic #2
So today I was innocently playing on webcam lol when I decided to measure my arms for one of my cam sweeties.  18 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT the HELL is going on lol.. I am dieting, 8 weeks out and my arms have grown 1 inch.  Now I dont know how or why this happened LOL but all I can say is it did!  I am happy and little freaked lol I really dont know what my mother ate but my parents gave me some crazy genetics.  I really have done nothing except get sick and BOOM bigger arms LOL..  The funny part is I was expecting 17 so I was just as shocked as him when we measured lol..

Have a wonderful week and if you can stop by and see me on HERBICEPSCAM!  Me and my 18 inch arms will be there! :)

Nuriye :)


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