Saturday, August 31, 2013

2012 IFBB North Americans

With 12 contestants in the heavyweight class, the Sunshine State managed to keep the pressure  on when fellow Floridian Nuriye Evans grabbed the runner-up spot.  A former equestrian competitor for 14 years, Evans rode a 22-week contest prep to her best-ever level of condition.  At 5-9 she presented an imposing overall look with impressive thighs as a highlight to her physique.  As Dave Palumbo mentioned, she probably had the best structure in the class.  And crazy quads.  A good indication of how far she has come in her improvement can be traced back to last year's NPC Nationals where she placed a distant 15th  in the HW class.   Assuming she continues on this path of progress, those days of placing 15th may now be in the rear view mirror. 

**  This weekend was the North Americans which I did last year but never shared the artile on my showing.  So here it is, thought it was cool with my eyes focused on the win come November! :)



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