Friday, July 26, 2013

Working out at any level

I love getting emails with your stories about your fitness journey.  We are all in this together whether you are just starting or experienced.  If I can help give you alittle more knowledge or motivation I love it!!  Trust me I am one hard-core bitch but I too have my days of "do I really have to do this today"!  Its just called being human and although I am able to snap myself out of that state of mind I do still have those days. :)  The weekend is here and I love taking time over the weekends to play on HEARBICEPSCAM so if you can, as always, stop in and say hi or PLAY! :)  Update will post tomorrow, its post workout and I tell you exactly what I need you to do to me and a bit of what I will do to you! :)  Keep your fitness stories coming remember we can motivate eachother!! :)



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