Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Being a female bodybuilder I have alot of people who approach me in the gym.  I am always shocked at what I hear.  So many people who have no foundation in regards to muscle come up to me asking me crazy things.  For example..  what drugs they should take or asking me if their crazy ass workout is good.  My god, people just need to put their head down and train.  I find so many very average people make it so difficult to achieve goals because they make it so hard.  Like this one kid I think he is like 22 talking about he wants to gain 50lbs in 2 years! WHATTTTT, that is not even possible and because he has given himself this crazy goal that he will not reach he is leaving himself helpless.  What he needs to do is work on his current physique and let time take care of the rest.  When I first started I didnt listen to anyone, you know their are alot of "experts" that love to run their mouth about what you should do.  I just knew I loved the gym and pounded weights year after year and next thing you know I am one of the biggest.  I am blessed to have had true experts in my life to help me become who I am today.  Bottom line people need to stop making it so hard just love the gym, choose who you get advise from and push yourself each and  everyday! :)  My gym is FULL of people doing these very isolated exercises like single arm chest press and I love the ones who train abs like they are precontest and they have a KEG for abs.  I want to shake these people!!  Its like dude try building a chest first before you do these specific isolated exercises and girlfriend get on the cardio so you can see some abs before you go training them like you are stage ready!  It amazes me that the one thing we can control ( our bodies) is the most out of control aspect in many lives.  Ok i am done rambling lol...



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