Wednesday, May 01, 2013


After a crazy 14 days of nonstop work i am taking a couple days off to "smell the roses".. :)  Today I got my chiro work in and my back is a mess!  My pelvis is totally shifted to one side (that cant be good) along with some other injuries.  I have the best chiro and I feel so much better after I got worked on.  14 years of heavy weight, high reps and tons of muscle growth as really done a job on me BUT its all part of it.  I actually love each injury I have and "wear" them as badges of honor for my intense work in the gym.  Tomorrow more treatment and then I am feeling the need for some "retail thearpy"!!  After some shopping it is home to shoot some custom videos and get them out and then GYM TIME!!  Have a great rest of your week!!



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