Sunday, April 14, 2013


Had a wonderful time on cam with so many of you this weekend.  When you enter my room on webcam it is like entering my home.  I love seeing all of you there whether you have $500 or $0 in your account.  The kind words and support mean just as much as you spending hard earned money to support me and what I do. One regular cam goer got the "not so nice" side of me and it was well deserved.  This person seems to think he is above all that enter my room by being down right rude to my loyal cam friends.  Today was the day I put my foot down and he got an ear full.  I hate to do that but at times people need a reminder of where they are and who they are dealing with.  The funniest part was that several were turned on by my  aggression LOL I just love my loyal cam friends! :)  Have a wonderful Monday guys and as always thank you for all the support you give me.  During contest prep the support means that much more because as we all know it is very expensive.  So bottom line..... THANK YOU! :)



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