Monday, April 01, 2013


This week is starting out much better than last week.  Last Monday just days into my contest prep I got hit with a crazy cold/flu that knocked me on my ass for days!  Although I stayed on diet my training took a hit and I spent alot of time in bed.  After lots of rest and antibiotic I am back on my feet and ready to tear that gym up!!!  Today started with early cardio and then some things around the house and shooting for my site.  I just came in from some topless sunbathing and feels good to have that "sun kissed" look.  I am making my meals and getting ready for my first workout in a WEEK!!  I feel bad that I missed but Zoa gave me permission to rest while sick so I dont feel too guilty. :)  Now that I am better its hat down, weights up!  Getting my pro card is just a personal goal but having such a great team behind me ( Zoa, family, all of YOU)  I really want to make them/you proud. 

Nuriye :)


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