Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Female Muscle

I received a call from my old gym (large mainstream gym chain) asking me to please come back to train.  They missed huge, female muscle in the gym and told me I am an inspiration for the members.  I was shocked to be honest and to top it off they gave me a free membership just to come back.  Sometimes I lose track on the power of female muscle done right!  A female with muscle should inspire and motivate both men and women but this is impossible when females "drop the ball" on staying feminine and pretty.  Yes, I said it, it is the women themselves that put females with muscle in the "hot seat".  It is our job to do our homework and work hard to achieve muscle while staying "lady like".  In my opinion some totally lose track of this and look like a science project.  NOT GOOD FOR THE SPORT and these are usually the girls bitching that FBB is not mainstream.  Well, the bottom line is they need to look in the mirror long and hard and there is the answer of why it is not.  Now dont get me wrong so many fbbs have done their job and maintained beauty but there are that select few that totally STOP female muscle from ever being accepted and SHAME ON THEM!

Much love,

Nuriye :)


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