Sunday, December 30, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I am excited for 2013 and cant wait to share the ride with you!  Not a fan of resolutions because we should better ourselves daily but if a new year helps you then DO IT! :)  I will be on HERBICEPSCAM tomorrow to ring in the New Year early with you.  Had a great weekend, didnt train just got some recovery time in. Been feeling some injuries in my elbows, knees, toe and shoulder. LOL, geez I am getting old so resting a tiny bit to help my body out. :)  Yes, my toe is still hurt I feel so stupid saying I have a toe injury lol not even a "cool" injury to have!  Stop by and see me tomorrow need to find a proper party dress to wear on cam for you.  If you are going out BE SAFE!! 



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