Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I have lived in south fl for 8 yrs now and have yet to find a true hardcore gym UNTIL NOW!!  By the stroke of luck I found one of the hardcore gyms left in south fl and it is 2 miles from my HOME!!!  All this time it was under my nose and I just found it!!  Top pros train there and today is my first day training there and I an sooooo excited.  I will be on HERBICEPSCAM later this evening around 8pm eastern to share my pump with you after my workout.  I am looking to make major gains and the equipment and 24 hour FITNESS SUCKS so I am out of there and ready to move some weight on the old school equipment that I started out on.  Wow I have found my second home and the motivation to step it up! :)  2013 better hold on cause a Naughty Storm is getting ready to blow on stage! LOL.....  Happy Tuesday!



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