Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Wishing you and yours a very HAPPY and BLESSED Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the day and eat up lol then get back on track.  I am always on the run but holiday time is when I get to see friends I havent seen in forever!  Today I was able to spent time with a dear girlfriend and her new baby boy.  Wow, I was so tired after trying to catch up with him he is just over a year old and he walks faster than me.  My home is not the most child friendly place but he had fun and I think he liked watching me run after him cleaning up his messes! :)  I give moms so much credit, I will stick to cats and the gym thank you! :)  Although it was so beautiful to see such a sweet little child but had to rest after he left! LOL....   Having a house full tomorrow so have to set the tables and get the kitchen poppin.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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