Thursday, November 01, 2012


Life has been a bit stressful, in a good way but man I could use a massage.  When you search for greatness it can get a bit stressful! :)  From my cam, to my site and another internet co. I own (not in bodybuilding) I do find myself running at a sometimes RAPID pace. I thought I had a pulled trap but come to find out it is stress lol so need to take a couple days and chill, hit the gym and slow down a little.  I do find when I am in the "zone" I have been in it can make you lose focus on all that you do have and that is NOT the way I like to live my life.  So keeping myself in check for at least a couple days. Having killer workouts in the gym and making awesome gains while staying HARD which you know I love. I dont like that plush off season look its too NORMAL looking and that is that last thing I like to be!:)  Arms are tipping the tape at just about 18 and the veins in them look like hoses, MAN I love lean meat.  Time to hit the sheets, almost 1am here and I do need my naughty sleep.  Tomorrow leg day, time to make these tree trunks scream.. Have an awesome weekend and I will be back on cam Sat.  For my friends effected by Sandy please know you are in my prayers and I hope everyone is OK up there! 



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