Sunday, October 07, 2012


Where the hell have I been lol I dropped off my blog spot! : )  Not to fear I am here and will be back to my regular updates.  After the North Americans I had to catch up on some things but I am back and ready to blog away!  All is well, I am off season but a very lean hard off season.  This will allow me to make gains and let me see what the hell is going on instead of guessing what is under the fat and water lol...  My plan is to do North Americans next year and if I have to, the Nationals as well since it is in MIA.  :)  Training is great and strong and I do feel better, I am on a diet but with a bit more food so I am strong both physically and mentally which is a good thing.  So over all excited about a nice lean, hard off season which will take me into a much better competition shape next year. HALLOWEEN is coming and suggestions on what I should be???  Let me know.....

Nuriye :)


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