Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Journey

Well, here we are I leave in just about a week to hit the stage in Pitts, PA.  Wow, what a ride this prep has been for me and in a really good way.  First, the improvements made....  Back detail, low back tight tight, abs hard and veiny and everything else hard.  The main focus we had on this prep was yes, bring  up body parts but the main focus was CONDITION something I have lacked in the past.  How do you get condition?  Condition comes thru diet which a coach can give you but the rest is mind blowing hard work.  I have had wonderful coaches in the past and have learned so many things from them.  It was me in the past holding me back from that "shock" value when hitting the stage and to get that you must work beyond words.  Its not that I havent worked hard in the past but this prep I didnt miss any cardio had only 2 cheat meals in 21 weeks and pushed each rep out to the max.  This is something that must come from within something no coach can teach you.  I am blessed to have Zoa as my coach and really blessed for my other coaches in the past as well.  At the end of the day no matter who your coach is it is up to the person you see in the mirror.  Having said that I know that person I see in the mirror (me) lol has done all I can to get a win.  Although I cant say what will happen with the outcome since it is not about who crosses the finish line first it is about what the judges think I know I have done what I need to do.  We have 2 weeks left to "finish" me off and I think it will be something all of you will be so proud of.  Having said that I want to thank all of you for the continued support, kind words and motivation.  I will say this again, with out all of you I could not do this at this level.  I want to bring that pro card home and change the site name to "IFBB NAUGHTY NURIYE! :)  I am already a pro at being naughty now its time I earn the chance to be a pro bb'er. :)  Much love my naughty family, one more week of crazy training so lets get this done.  I will be on HERBICEPSCAM until next Sunday so if you can come on by and let me show you what I got. :)


PS, Special thanks to Lynn Suave my first coach who took me from "baby fat" nuriye to ripped nuriye!  My dear friends and past coaches Marijan and Sandra for being my friends and wonderful coaches who always want nothing but the best for me and drilled into my head to stay harder off season.  Finally, Zoa who dusted me off from my fall at Nationals and inspired, edcuated and motivated me thru this whole prep.  I am a very blessed naughty girl! :)


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