Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well my naughty lovers, the weekend is just about done and although they are really just another day its a full week ahead of mind and body torture!LOL.  Getting close little over 5 weeks until I travel to Pitts and I was informed today that the "word" in the industry is I am coming LOCKED AND LOADED.  Yikes, can you feel the pressure lol I do! :)  No, the great thing is it was from a very active person in the industry and I am very humbled to hear such a lovely thing about myself now I just have to make sure I live up to it! :)  We all train and suffer to be our best and win.  I am looking forward to a big line up of great girls from USA, MEXICO and CANADA.  It will be cool to not have to travel to weigh in and actually compete, it is all at the hotel so all I have to do is go from my room to the show in my slippers. :)  I may be at a booth on Saturday not gonna say what one yet since we havent confirmed anything but I will keep you posted.  This way if you are there you can come by and get a big HUG from little me!! :)  Happy Monday and get it done this week I know I plan to.



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