Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mind and Body

Many may think that bodybuilding is strictly about the physical change in the body alone.  It is not the case, the mind matures and developes with the body but sometimes not at the same time, i will explain....  Ok, trying to find a way to put this so I dont sound crazy so I will keep it simple.  Lets start with my last off season, for years I tried to stay big and hard but that calling for ice cream lol stopped me from doing that.  After 3 shows I FINALLY wrapped my mind around staying big, round and hard in this last off season cause my mind finally developed to make that happen.  This being my fourth show I can tell you my mind has met my body in focus.  See for 21 weeks I have been in prep (by the end ) and I have had not ONE cheat meal!!  This is something I have never ever done before mainly because I felt I just could not to it.  Having said that I never really felt I should win a show cause in the back of my head all I could think of was those cheat meals along the way.  Now alot can do the cheat meal and still come in hard but I am not the case.  This show I feel i deserve this win and its because I have given 1000% into this show to be my best.  When the mind and body are on the same page you are almost unstoppable as an athlete.  I am so proud of this prep and I am not done yet 6 more hard weeks but I will be my best and I will deserve to win. :)  That feels really really good.  Much love my naughty friends!!

Nuriye :)


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