Saturday, June 30, 2012


Check out the pics and placings on RXMUSCLE for the 2012 Europa Hartford. There is a definate trend going with the FBBS and that trend my friends is smaller muscle wins.  I am fighting for my pro card at a time where the big muscle is not really the fav.  Having said that, that will not stop me from being my best at my next show.  I will bring hard, conditioned muscle to the stage a look I have not had before and I hope it will be appreciated by the judges.  Staying a bit lighter this off season has really helped me know that I will be able to do this and I am ready to take on the next 9 weeks to bring that pro card home.  The plan is in place, I have the best support team behind me and  I will be ready to ROCK. :)  TEAM NAUGHTY will be coming to Pitts with one goal....... WINNING! :)



Blogger Alan said...

As the current saying goes, you do you. Or, to quote "The Fan" "Go be great. See what it gets you." Judges drilled Kay Baxter way back in the day, just buried her in the standings. But Kay built her physique her way. And why not? she reasoned. Why make the judges happy instead of making herself happy and making her fans happy? (she was the first FBB to do her own posing/wrestling vids and she said, "The judges weren't buying my videos") And 24 years after her death, she's still remembered more fondly than women who placed much higher in the Olympias and Worlds from 1982-86.

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