Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Wondering where the fuck I have been??  Me too lol I am dying the slow death of precontest dieting!! No, really all is ok I am feeling it but it is all OK! :) (like how i said i am ok twice lol ) I am on track lean and mean and I really mean, mean! :)  I had such a nice email from someone today thanking me for acting like I like my fans.  The truth is I love my fans and as you know consider you friends not fans.  The sad thing is he also stated that alot of FBBs dont act like they like "fans".  This blows my mind  how some can show no love to all of you!  I have always said without you, I could not do what I do and for that I am so grateful!! :)  I love everything about what I do and that includes YOU. Ok, enough with this mushy shit lol lets talk training.  I am lean, very tight and very tired BUT as soon as I walk thru those gym doors it is ON.  Strength comes back and I am pushing those fucking weights. NO EXCUSES and NO MERCY until I WIN!  I do have the energy to be naughty of course so come play on HERBICEPSCAM where you get the live, uncut version of how I look! :)  Oh, HAPPY HUMP DAY!! :)


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