Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Too Funny

A dear friend of mine who trains at my same gym called me laughing with comments people make to her.  I used to train with her but during show prep I go with just one training partner to focus on just me.  Men coming up to her asking her if I am mean! LOL... Now why would they ask that?  Wonder if its because I throw things that are in my way like towels people leave behind and water bottles.  Yes, you will see me throw various things lol and I love the look on peoples faces.  Why do I throw things??  Well, its out of the disrespect people have in the gym.  Do I look like  the gym maid or your mother?  Dont leave your "waste" behind for me to clean up when I get to a machine, it just angers me, so I throw!! :)  I leave my area clean and weights unracked so the next person has a "fresh" machine to workout on.  So am I mean.....  nooooo just a little naughty! :)  Although, I do seem to be scaring alot of "men" in the gym and I must say I am diggin it!! :)

Nuriye ;)


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