Saturday, August 04, 2012

Brought to Tears

I am sure like me many of you are watching the Olympics and today I was so inspired and moved I was brought to tears!  Did you see the track runner who is a double amputee??!!  Not only is he in the Olympics he ran so well he placed 2nd in his first run.  WOW, I cant express how motivating and incredible it was to watch him move up the track like that..... AMAZING!  Watching a champion like that was so moving to me.  I am dragging ass to the gym with my 2 tree trunk sized legs thinking how I can get thru another workout and here is a champion who lost both his legs and did not see it as defeat but made it a victory!  The power of the human mind is just endless and exactly what I needed to get thru these next few weeks.  Sometimes you need to see something like this to count your blessings and never take life for granted.

Nuriye :)


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