Thursday, August 02, 2012


As we are just a few weeks out from the North Americans I have entered "crazy" land! LOL...   This prep is one of my hardest and the great thing is I am at my best but going a wee bit crazy. :)  Oh, my mood swings would make you laugh.  You can hear me saying "DEAR GOD HELP ME"  to "FUCK THIS SHIT" at any given time.:P  Quite the contrast huh lol.   So instead of champions saying it took blood, sweat and tears mine would be it took sweat, god and FUCK!! LOL  Hey no matter how you get there, get there right?  I just thought I would share my insane way of getting there! Much love my naughty family!  Weekend coming so if you want to see why I am so insane come see me on HERBICEPSCAM I promise to leave the crazy behind and replace it with alot of naughty! :)



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