Saturday, September 01, 2012


Home from Pitts and pulled off a second place finish at the IFBB North Americans!  :)  Big jump in the right direction and I can smell that pro card in my near future!  HUGE congrats to my girl Tammy Jones for winning and bringing home that pro card, very well deserved and I am so happy and proud of her!!!  As for me I do have a plan up my sleeve and that is Nationals 2013 and that will be MY SHOW.  I am waiting this Nationals out because I do have some areas that need to improve and I will get on stage my best in 2013.  Off season will begin and I will keep hard hard and get big big LOL...  Time to have a true, educated and very planned out off season to stay very lean but grow and make that changes I need to be unbeatable that next time I step on stage and that I promise I will be.  Other than that I am thrilled for second I was beat fair and square and totally respect that.  It does drive me to get it done my next show, I really did get the judges attention and I do think it was a tight call from 1st to 2nd.  So get ready cause in the next several months you will see me like never before and I know you will like it!  Game plan in place and actions begin tomorrow, yes I said tomorrow no time to waste 1 yr goes by fast and I am determined to get the changes and growth done that I need for get that pro card.  For tonight I will enjoy some food and be happy I went from 15th place at Nationals to 2nd at North Americans HUGE jump in the right direction.  I am content? HELL NO that is why cardio starts tomorrow AM and come monday the heavy, balls to wall training begins..  HUGE, HARD naughty nuriye coming up so stay tuned you gonna like this.... :)  Zoa Linsey is incredible and was with me thru this whole journey my hard work and Zoas plan help me make this huge jump in placing and as I have said before I am just blessed. :)  Oh, WEBCAM starts tomorrow as well I have been away for too long so come and check me out HERBICEPSCAM Sunday PM. :)  Now, its rest and back in the gym come tomorrow AM!  NO rest for the Naughty, not when I was this close to getting that pro card.  Also, I never ask but I do get emails on how you can help.  If any of you would like to help me on this jounrey and donate towards my journey to pro card status you can do so thru paypal under my email any donation helps.  THANK YOU for continued support my friends! :)



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