Friday, August 24, 2012

Next Week

7 days to go!!  I am all ready and leave early next week.  So excited to shoot while I am there with Muscle Angels! :)  Also, although I will be traveling updates will remain the same.  We know getting your fill each week is very important. :)  I will not be on webcam this weekend.  BUT, if you want some prvt time I will be there if you want to schedule an appointment lol like going to the dr's LOL..  Other than that I will be prepping and packing and watching my body get harder by the minute.  The reason I say appointment only for HERBICEPSCAM this weekend is my diet is CRAZY right now so energy low and I never want that to effect my shows on cam. :)  The great news is after the show I will be fed and ready to get my new project going on this site and heat up webcam like normal!  Have a great weekend!!!! :)



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