Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Silly

So I am sure you guys know and if you dont I will tell you now I like never watch TV.  But having said that when I was in Pitts for the North Americans I was forced to sit still here and there in my room.  It was there I discovered "AMERICAN DAD" on TV.  Holy shit this cartoon is so stupid but I am hooked!! Please tell me some of you watch it so I dont feel like a total dumb ass. LOL  Since I have been home its back to the rat race so havent seen it on TV but I did check out another episode on Demand.  Ok, other than my mimor addiction to American Dad all else is well.  Took some time to rest last week after the show but this week it is back to the contest prep grind and Zoa is showing no mercy LOL...  We have our plan in place to be better than EVER!  Well, actually she is the one with the plan I just do it! :)  Much love my peeps and Happy hump day!  Will be on cam the rest of the week so come and check me out, you know the drill. :)

Nuriye :)


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