Saturday, June 01, 2013


Can you hear that...... NOTHING is what you hear cause that is what I am doing today! LOL..  This week was a wild week with so many ups and downs I was gonna pull my extensions out!! LOL  BUT it ended on an up and an killer leg work out.  I am in the 180s and so many are saying "WOW YOU ARE HUGE" which always makes my smile since I am not at my 216 weight.  I always love to keep my naughty fans educated about FBB so let me make this easy for you to understand why I look bigger in the 180s then at 216, mind you my arms are still over 17 and legs still at 27!   So here is your muscle lesson with naughty.....

1. SOFT COCK equals off season muscle

2  HARD COCK equals contest prep muscle

GET IT!!!! Now you tell me which looks bigger and better!! :) Lesson complete.



Blogger jeff harry said...

Nuriye: My cock gets hard either way,but I must admit to loving you when you're very strong,but with some off season sexy look. Just thinking of those mammoth thighs around makes me quiver.

8:50 AM  

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